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Blood Donation Camp

"Even when you are not a doctor you can save lives. If you're a blood donor, you're a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.
Keeping tradition alive, Anglo Eastern in association with Dehradun seafarer welfare Association and IMA Blood Bank organized it's 4th Blood donation camp on 20-Aug-2019 at Anglo Eastern Dehradun Premises.
Total of 72 people registered for blood donation, out of which, 59 candidates were only allowed to donate by doctors after conducting basic medical check-up required prior donation. The blood donors were mainly from the seafaring community, their friends and relatives.

Donors were given refreshments, coffee mugs (with Blood donation recognition imprinted) and a certificate of appreciation for this service to humanity. A confidential blood test report shall be provided to the donors by IMA Blood Bank later.

A Donor's card was also provided to the Donors to facilitate them with an extraordinary service of getting blood units (of any blood group) whenever required for their immediate family members from the IMA blood Bank in near future.
Blood donation is a service to humankind. By donating blood, you help someone in need and it can very well save a precious life."

Help Us To Help Them

Let's Join Hands And Work Together To Fulfill Their Happiness

You may help us in various ways. Not just by donating fund, but you may also be a part of working team. You can come along with us to serve the underprivileged society. Be with them, teach them, spend time... it could be any thing. They need good words to share.

At the least, one can also help by spreading the work of Anavi on social media. If not you, anyone else may be willing to join.

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